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Please register for the Joint AACaPS-ESAANZ Conference 2021 here:

The conference program is available here.

Conference theme: Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Europe, Eurasia and Asia

Most of us have become acutely aware of borders and boundaries since Covid-19 struck! These boundaries are physical, psychological and systemic. No doubt ‘borders and boundaries’ are acutely relevant to the regions of our interest (Europe, Eurasia and Asia). In adopting ‘borders and boundaries’ as the theme for this conference, the organisers hope to include analysis of – and/or to cross – as many types of boundaries as possible.

Therefore, there could be consideration of physical borders (e.g. the problems of joining or leaving the EU, Schengen, NATO, the Eurasian Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation or the Belt and Road Initiative; Brexit; territorial disputes), psychological boundaries (e.g. Russians having to think of themselves as Russians but not Soviets; Serbs seeing themselves as Serbs but not Yugoslavs), cultural boundaries (e.g. problems of translation; problems of harmonising legislation or systems); political boundaries (e.g. transitioning from one type of system or regime to another), economic boundaries (e.g. from free trade to protectionism), historical boundaries (e.g. impact of certain historical events or actions) or transgressions of various kinds (e.g. challenges to cultural traditions, historiography, gender stereotypes; criminality; cyber security and digital challenges). Methodologically, there could be papers that challenge or cross discipline boundaries.

In short, there should be room for all at this exciting conference.

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