ZOOM link: http://zoom.us/j/98072415115
WEBSITE: https://www.krasnoevents.com/march-9-2021.html
with HIROAKI KUROMIYA (Stalin biographer, Indiana Univ.), WILLIAM TAUBMAN (Pulitzer prize winning Khrushchev & Gorbachev biographer, Amherst College), DONALD RALEIGH (Brezhnev biographer, UNC-Chapel Hill, and ANGELA STENT (Putin biographer, Georgetown Univ.).
(introduced & moderated by KLAUS LARRES, UNC-Chapel Hill)
The U.S. has imposed new sanctions on Russia & Alexey Navalny has been sent to a harsh prison camp. This event with 4 OUTSTANDING SCHOLARS analyzes developments in Russia and western relations with Moscow from WORLD WAR II to the very PRESENT
Please join our next exciting Krasno event on TUESDAY, MARCH 9, at 5.30pm EST –
(11.30pm in Berlin; 10.30pm in London; 6.30am, March 10, in Beijing, and 9.30am, March 10, in Sydney)

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