The 14th Biennial AACaPS conference photos are provided below.

Student prize to Berikbol Dukeyev from ANU, Dr Alexandr Akimov
Session 1A, Griffith University
Dr Alexandr Akimov, Prof. Caitlin Byrnes, Prof. Andrew O’Neil,
HE Grigory S. Logvinov and Irina Logvinova
Dr Alexandr Akimov, AACaPS President, Griffith University
Prof. Ned Pankhurst, acting Vice Chancellor, Griffith University
Dr. Gennadi Kazakevitch, Monash University
Prof Stephen E. Hanson, keynote speaker
Student prize to Sofya Glazunova (QUT), Dr. Milenko Petrovic, AACaPS Vice-President
14th Biennial AACaPS conference attendees
Prof. Leslie Holmes, Melbourne University
Emeritus Prof. Graeme Gill, University of Sydney

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