AACaPS invites panel and paper proposals for the 16th Biennial Conference to be held at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia on 2-3 February 2023. The event will be hosted by the School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Conference Theme: War, Peace, and the Post-Pandemic World: Eurasian Perspectives

In many ways, the dominant news themes in 2022 have been the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic everywhere and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. One focus of this conference will be on how both of these phenomena have impacted the Communist and post-communist societies of Europe and Asia in various ways. But we will also be looking at a much bigger picture – namely, the concepts of war and peace (broadly understood to include, for example, trade conflicts, old and new Cold Wars, culture and soft power competition, etc.) in these regions, as well as contemporary and likely future developments.

The topics can be examined from numerous angles, including the political and economic effects and implications of both wars and pandemics; the continuing rise and the implications of authoritarianism; the ramifications for arts and culture; historical comparisons; changing international allegiances and security patterns; education and public health; sustainable development; and more. In short, while the theme reflects recent developments of the global scale and thus might look somewhat narrow, we welcome presentations that focus on socio-economic, political, educational, cultural, environmental, other public policy topics in the countries of former USSR, Eastern and South-eastern Europe, and Asia whether they are contemporary or historical.

Submission of Proposals:

Please send the following details to aacapsconference@gmail.com
1) name, 2) current institutional affiliation, 3) title/position, 4) postal address and email, 5) title of panel or paper, 6) panel description and/or abstract of paper (200 words or less). Deadline for all proposals is 30 September 2022.

Important notes:

1) We particularly welcome PhD students and Early-Career Researchers from Australasian and overseas universities to attend and present your work at the conference. In-person or virtually. Limited funding might be available to support accepted presenters’ registration and/or travel costs. Further details will be made available in October 2022.
2) At the conference, the host will cover morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on both days. Participants will cover their own traveling and local lodging.
3) We welcome expressions of interest among all participants to serve as panel chairs and discussants. Please send your EOI together with your paper/panel proposal submission.
4) Publications: Select papers presented at the conference will be invited for publication in special journal issues.
5) Two PhD student paper awards will be announced at the end of the conference.
6) While all panels will be in hybrid mode, we encourage all participants to make the effort and attend in person so that we all enjoy more academic and professional momentum.

Important dates:
Abstract submission deadline – 30 September 2022
Panel and abstract acceptance notification issued – 31 October 2022Registration deadline for your name to appear in conference program – 31 December 2022

Conference Registration Fees:
Standard – A$150;
Concessional – A$100 (current AACaPS members, full-time students);
Virtual only – A$50

Conference email: aacapsconference@gmail.com
AACAPS website: http://www.aacapstudies.com
Conference Twitter: @Aacaps2023 (stay tuned!)

Conference Academic Committee:
Associate Professor Fengshi Wu, UNSW Sydney (convenor); Dr. Alexandr Akimov, Griffith University (convenor); Professor Emeritus Graeme Gill, University of Sydney; Dr. Alexander Korolev, UNSW Sydney; Dr. Nina Markovic, Macquarie University; and, Dr. Sofya Glazunova, Queensland Technology University.

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