2019 publications

Conjoint Professor Roger Markwick (Newcastle University)

Associate Professor Stephen Fortescue (UNSW)

  • ‘The political economy of Russia: is it changing?’ in Torbjorn Becker and Susanne Oxenstierna (eds), The Russian Economy under Putin, Routledge, London and New York, 2019, chapter 12, pp.202-18.
  • ‘Managing Russia’s resource wealth: coalitions and capacity’, in Andreas R.D. Sanders, Pal Thonstad Sandvik, Espen Storli (eds), The Political Economy of Resource Regulation. An international and comparative history, 1850-2015, University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, 2019, chapter 5, pp.118-138.

Dr Nina Markovic Khaze (Macquarie University)

Vice-President of the Association, Dr Milenko Petrovic (Canterbury University)

Executive Committee members, Emeritus Professor Graeme Gill and Dr Yelena N. Zabortseva (University of Sydney)

Dr Alexander Korolev (UNSW)